Greetings, friends!

In mid-March, when our university, along with most institutions of US higher ed, joined in the national public health efforts to begin social distancing and quarantines by moving the remainder of their spring classes onto the World Wide Web, I provided this re-introduction to all of my courses, embedded in the video below. I wanted to recognize, for my students, just how swiftly and radically things had changed, and to articulate the urgent need to adapt to this new reality while being as responsive as possible to the inequities it was sure to deepen.

Each course of mine contained a unique guide to accompany the massive revisions posted on our LMS, Brightspace. I’ve posted those guides here, along with all new assignments and lessons. Most of the lessons were adapted for asynchronous learning to accommodate those students suddenly thrust into full-time work as caretakers or otherwise situated in an atmosphere that made synchronous online learning difficult to impossible. Teachers are called upon to serve all students always.

Course Links

Discourse 1 (First-Year Composition)

Discourse 3 (Advanced Composition)

Poetry and Social Justice