Professional Objectives for 2017-18

  1. To present current research in regional, national and/or international conferences
  2. To see, as lead editor, the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature through to final stage of publication with the Rebus Foundation.
  3. To work on revisions for a chapter in The New Whitman, a Cambridge UP collection on Walt Whitman set to be published in January 2019.
  4. To have an article under review on Walt Whitman’s Democratic Vistas published in the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review.
  5. To have an article in progress—on the institutional history of the “Herbert Spencer-Walt Whitman Center”—submitted for publication in an Americanist journal of record.
  6. To publish a book review on a pertinent schlolarly work.
  7. To foster writing and pedagogy networks with nineteenth century Americanists in the Midwest.
  8. To develop and submit a proposal for my current book project, “Walt Whitman and the Sociological Imagination,” which charts the Whitman’s presence in the development of sociology in the United States.
  9. To sustain a guest speaker series.
  10. To launch a public poetry project in collaboration with the City of Lamoni.
  11. To invite Des Moines Slam Poets to campus to hold workshops in the craft and competition of SLAM.
  12. To collaborate across disciplines in the conception of (at least) one public event or project.
  13. To develop my teaching skills through mentoring, books, and workshops.
  14. To enroll in a course or conference on digital pedagogy and/or the digital humanities.


5-Year Goals

  1. To continue developing and promoting the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature. 
  2. To encourage/help foster the use of Open Electronic Resources at Graceland University.
  3. To build a more focused and public presence for the “Equal Opportunity Committee” (soon to be “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee”)
  4. To publish my current book project, “Walt Whitman and the Sociological Imagination” with the University of Iowa Press-Walt Whitman Series.
  5. To grow a network of guest scholars with an eye towards formalizing a visiting lecturer series.
  6. To build on the Lamoni Literary Walk project in collaboration with faculty, staff, and the city of Lamoni.
  7. To create a traveling, competitive SLAM poetry team at Graceland University.
  8. To begin researching and presenting essays on a second long-term scholarly project on the reception of U.S. literary “race traitors” (e.g. John Brown, Huck Finn, Wendell Phillips) in the activist ephemera of late 20th-early 21st century anti-racist groups (like Prairie Fire, John Brown Anti-Klan Committee, Race Traitor, Redneck Revolt.)
  9. To send my son, Malcolm, off to kindergarten a happy and healthy kid.